September 2, 2019

"My Great Granddad Didn't Die For This"

"My Great Granddad Didn't Die For This"

It's been an odd few months in British Politics. Over those few months, several shifts have taken place leading to protests and rallies across the country.

The current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, took over from Theresa May in June 2019, after she stepped down from the position earlier that month. Johnson was elected by the votes of the wider Conservative Party rather than through a General Election.

The uproar this week, however, is how Johnson has decided to Prorogue Parliament. This essentially means that MP's wil go back into Parliament after the Summer, but will then break away again meaning that there will be no large meetings for a certain period of time.

This is worrying some people, as the PM could be holding this so that he cannot be fought on a No-Deal Brexit. No Deal is the idea that, on the 31st October, everything stops. Britain stops paying the EU membership fees but also loses any existing trade deals. However, the alternative is that he wants to avoid the arguments and just get things sorted with the European Union.

Whatever the reason, it's surely ruffled the feathers of the great British public.

Boris depicted by one protester

York's protest in St Helen's Square attracted hundreds, bigger than any of the climate emergency or remain rallies over the last year. Of course there were the more satirical signs but one in particular caught my eye.

Ben, from York, held a sign which read "My Great Grandad didnt die for this". He explained that his family were always cautious of Adolf Hitler in Germany, but that they never did anything to stop it, until war broke out.

In the aftermath of the war, Ben's family were brought up to understand the importance of democracy and politics. Despite staying out of online quarrels about leave or remain, Ben was determined to represent his Great Grandfather at the rally.

Woman holds a sign warning about crushing democracy.
Kit Taylor