September 26, 2019

The 'B' Word

The 'B' Word

It seems that the UK's dreaded 'B' word has shifted from 'Brexit' to 'Boris' after the new PM has been branded guilty by the supreme court of leading Parliament into an unlawful prorogation. Nonetheless, after less than two weeks of 'holiday', MP's are back in the scaffold shell of Parliament ready to continue negotiations.

But what is Proroguation?

Proroguation is essentially the 'pausing' of parliament to make time for other negotiations. In this case, the PM Boris Johnson could have argued that he was using the time to meet with the EU and build a deal ready for the Brexit deadline on October 31st.

Why was it unlawful?

The Supreme Court deemed the proroguing as 'Unlawful, void and of no effect' as it removed the right of a democratic process so close to the Brexit deadline. The Supreme Court Judgement says:

Let us remind ourselves of the foundations of our constitution. We live in a
representative democracy. The House of Commons exists because the people have elected its members.

-Page 20, Section 55

Furthermore, that

A fundamental change was due to take place in the Constitution of the United Kingdom on 31st October 2019...But that Parliament, and in particular the House of Commons as the democratically elected representatives of the people, has a right to have a voice in how that change comes about is indisputable.

-Page 20, Section 57

What now?

It may seem like Parliament, and the UK, are running around like headless chickens. But feathers regardless, people are trying to work out a plan. Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn is gearing Labour up for a general election, meanwhile Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson is leading the path for a people's vote. Parliament doesn't seem too sure on what Boris Johnson is doing, but he is certainly making headlines and hopefully deals.

Speaker of the House and fancy tie-wearer John Bercow is instead trying to encourage MPs to 'treat each other as opponents not as enemies'. Perhaps we need a bit more Bercow to brighten up these dark Brexit days.

John Bercow at the Green Dragon eco farm, courtesy of
Kit Taylor